All styles available in the full range of diamond quality grades.
Crafted in Platinum, 18k and 14k White or Yellow Gold.
Competitively priced to accommodate all budgets.

Truly The Jewelry Of The Future

    What makes DiamondTwins 'beyond compare' actually goes beyond our
cutting edge,  Certified To Match technology.  It's a unique customer service and
satisfaction commitment that takes on unprecedented dimensions.

Certified To Match technology will enable us to register and retain the exact
specifications of each DiamondTwins/DiamondTriplets set. If in the future
additional items are desired or replacements required, your retailer can easily
supply the specific match -- no need to examine existing stones. Our central
stone registry may even be able to aid police efforts in the event of theft.

 DiamondTwins future-focus is also evident in our unique jewelry case.
It features a clear view window which makes display and selection attractively
simple, while also providing prudent protection. And we've incorporated
an innovative drawer to keep Mini-Certs safe and always conveniently at hand.

    Finally, we crafted our keepsake jewel case and displays of natural bamboo.
Yes, bamboo makes them durable and attractive but, more importantly, it
is a renewable resource. That assures that DiamondTwins' most significant
impact will be on the industry, not the earth.